About Adroit

Adroit is a boutique Business Optimisation consultancy which partners with business leaders to deliver rapid earnings improvement through unleashing the human potential within your organisation.

While we have organically evolved over the years from a Procurement Consultancy to a Business Optimisation specialist group, managing change, people and culture to deliver project outcomes is what makes us stand out.

We facilitate your transformation, not just make recommendations, and bring operational experience to your business, along with knowledge cross-pollinated from our portfolio of clients across a myriad of industries.

Unlike traditional consulting models, our transformation projects are owned and driven by your own employees.

“Business partnership” may be an overused cliché these days, but that’s at the core of our values. We will work with you and all other relevant stakeholders with honesty and integrity, to achieve sustainable results that deliver business brilliance.

After all, managing businesses are about people, change and culture management, relationships and trust- not just processes, transactions, technology and contracts.

Organisations do not transform. People do.