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Case Studies

Sustained Earnings Improvement (SEI) Successes

Our SEI process is a proprietary approach that originates from the United States, customised for local norms and sensitivities. It has been in existence for more than 15 years now and has been continuously improved. The results are significant and sounds too good to be true, but are definitely real. The SEI consultants who have been involved in the programmes over the years continue to be amazed at the sources of the reductions – sometimes a surprise or sometimes a shock – but it consistently delivers because the process relies to a great extent on human and organisational nature. Click here to see the results achieved.

Office Supplies – Sourcing and Category Management

Our client is a multi-national organisation with offices throughout Australia. As a result of recent acquisitions our Client was dealing with more than 20 suppliers of printer toner, stationery, janitorial and pantry supplies throughout Australia. Each office was paying different prices for the same products… Read the Case Study

Post Aquisition Supplier Rationalisation and Change Management

Our client is a leader in providing education and professional development to the financial services, accounting and real estate sectors in Australia. The client had, and was continuing to, experience a huge phase of growth, with numerous acquisitions over the years. There were many disparate supplier relationships, contracts and processes… Read the Case Study

Voice and Data – Sourcing and Category Management

Our client is a Sydney-based automotive dealership with multiple sites within Sydney. The company had received a proposal from its incumbent telecommunications provider outlining a 10% savings, but was unsure how the proposed rates compared to the market at that time. Reluctant to move their infrastructure away from the national telecommunications provider.


Batteries and Chargers – Sourcing for Direct Goods

Our client is a multi-national heavy equipment manufacturer with large distribution operations throughout Australia. The business was working with 4 different suppliers of batteries (for heavy equipment) and battery chargers. Lead prices, a major cost component of batteries, had been moving higher over the previous 12 months and battery prices were increasing steadily to… Read the Case Study

Merchant Paper – Sourcing for Direct Goods and Change Management

Our Client is a print franchise business with the largest, most widely spread network in the Southern Hemisphere and services over 400,000 businesses in Australia. The business had previously contracted nationally with a preferred supplier of merchant paper. Over the years, contract compliance became harder to manage as the group’s purchasing became fragmented… Read the Case Study

Multi-functional Devices – Strategic Sourcing

Our client is a market leading provider of professional education and continuing professional development in Australia. Due to growth through acquisitions over the years, the client was dealing with a multitude of vendors for their multifunctional devices (MFD) fleet, with various rental, lease and purchase arrangements, maintenance costs and contractual terms… Read the Case Study

Facilities Management

Our client is a leading Asian airline that flies to more than 100 destinations globally. Managing the airline’s First Class and Business Class Lounge at the Sydney International Airport was an operation that was fiddly, required substantial management and administration attention yet was not part of the client’s core business… Read the Case Study

Insurance – Strategic Sourcing and Category Management

Our client is a large diversified Funds Manager, Structured Finance and Leisure group, grown aggressively through acquisitions. The growth had resulted in seven incumbent brokers supplying insurance and related services to the group, with each autonomous business unit holding multiple types of policies… Read the Case Study

Cleaning – Strategic Sourcing and Category Management

Our client is a large private college in Melbourne. The client was unhappy with the level of service that its incumbent contractor was providing, and at the point that Adroit got involved, the client had already received tender submissions from a few contractors and had shortlisted their preferred contractor… Read the Case Study

We will be updating this section with our most recent Business Optimisation and Culture Change success stories. Please come back again soon.