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Client Testimonials

Kaplan Professional

“Before dealing with Adroit Management Group we were frustrated by the communication issues we experienced with procurement managers. We had also encountered problems with integrating suppliers when acquiring new businesses. We needed someone who would be impartial with advice and would give the incumbent suppliers a chance.

Having engaged the services of Adroit we are now confident we are making the appropriate purchasing decisions and always have that objective person to run things past.

What really stands out about Adroit is they have specialists available for different category areas.

They score highly in their professionalism and ability to achieve the desired results.”

Greg Fordred, Director of Finance and Operations, Kaplan Professional

Colmar Brunton Research

“We worked with Adroit Management Group in order to consolidate some suppliers nationally. We wanted to centralise the management of certain types of expenses where possible and didn’t have the resources to achieve this.

Adroit achieved saving in several areas and really helped us achieve our desired results.

We chose Adroit because we liked their approach, which we found to be honest and straight. They delivered on what we thought. They gave great service, were committed to responding to any request and always got straight back to us.

To sum them up I would say Adroit were Excellent, Efficient and Dedicated. I recommend them to other businesses.”

Kath Lindsay, Financial Controller, Colmar Brunton Research

Snap Printing

“Being a franchise group, it is always a big challenge to implement a procurement strategy that can cater to the many diverse personalities, viewpoints and requirements within the group. Adroit dealt with the change management issues within the group with a great deal of empathy, employing feedback-gathering and communication techniques that contributed to a high level of buy-in of the outcomes of the project.

The strategic sourcing of merchant paper is not an area of Adroit’s core expertise, however we appointed them for their sourcing and procurement process discipline. Together, we formed a tight partnership whereby our own resources provided the technical and industry expertise while Adroit ran the analysis, tendering, evaluation and negotiation processes – with both parties working closely on the overall project management, with excellent results.

Given the level of difficulty of the assignment, their procurement competence was well demonstrated. The results achieved exceeded expectations and Adroit has certainly delivered value to the group.

Adroit are professional, act with integrity and they place a lot of emphasis on being a true business partner with their clients. I would highly recommend them as they have deep competence in strategic sourcing and procurement, they deliver value and are very easy to work with.they deliver value and are very easy to work with.“

Stephen Edwards, General Manager, Snap Franchising Ltd

Study Group

“We started working with Adroit Management Group in 2003. At that time they undertook Cost Rationalisation Projects and have since acted as our Procurement Managers overseeing about 10 cost categories.

Prior to Adroit’s appointment, we didn’t focus on expense management, and it was not done professionally.

Their appointment has allowed me to make better use of my time. I get validation for decisions I am making and their input allows for decisions to be speedier. Their reports are easy to understand and provide a comfortable level of detail.

Adroit Management Group absolutely met my expectations in terms of what was delivered and they delivered what they promised.”

Chris Mowday, Finance Director, Study Group

Torque Solutions

“When we started working with Adroit Management Group we just needed to review costs and some things needed replacing. They absolutely met our expectations and achieved our desired results.

The team at Adroit established a very good relationship with us and got us doing what we needed to do. They were very professional in their approach. I would say to anyone considering working with Adroit Management Group that it is a very good idea and they would be mad not to.”

Mark Albert, Managing Partner, Torque Solutions (Aust.) P/L