Contract Compliance & Cost Recovery

Financial leakage is a common, but rarely recognised, reality. All organisations experience it in some form. Financial leakage is a consequence not only of the enormous volumes of transactions and processing errors that occur in business, but also of the constant element of change impacting the business environment.

Adroit’s Contract Compliance service examines the historical financial relationship between your business and your suppliers. We review invoicing data to ensure that there are no billing errors or misapplication of agreed rates from providers in your major expense categories. The following are the most common; some or all may be applicable to your business: 

  • telecommunications audit (for voice and data)
  • freight audit
  • occupancy audit
  • recruitment and temporary staff audit
  • outsourced IT audit

Once we identify and verify the leakages, we present our reports for your approval and then recover the monies from the suppliers on your behalf.

Where preferred-supplier arrangements are in place, we also identify maverick-buying activities within your organization which is also another form of leakage which, if left unchecked, can severely disadvantage you when contract renewals are negotiated.