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Indirect Expenses

We have years of experience in the sourcing and on-going managing of indirect categories. Our database is constantly updated with the latest price benchmarks and supplier information.  We know what you should be paying in each area, and which suppliers can fulfill your specific needs. We also know what best practices suit your needs. And we have the tools to provide on-going management of your suppliers’ performances and internal compliance to policies.

To date, we have identified and realised a weighted average of 31.5% savings across all areas we have reviewed.

Savings of 40% – 70% in specific projects have not been uncommon.

Best of all, if it suits you, we work on a Risk/Reward (No savings, No fees) basis. The return on your investment in us is guaranteed. A sample of our average savings in specific cost categories include:

Office Supplies24%
Waste Disposal46%
General Maintenance12.5%
IT Services38%
Logistics/Supply Chain23%
Telecommunications(Fixed and Mobile)     28%
Merchant Fees22%
Document Management35%
Washroom/Hygiene Svcs36%
Data Services31.5%